The world of Public Relations

The world of public relations is most seen upon those who do public relations. Not those who see public relations. Behind the start of Fundamentals of Public Relations 220 the idea of communicating to the public seemed clear to me. Sugar coating a problem with the  purest, whitest, and sweetest of all sugar, right?, wrong. I considered public relations to hide all bad evidence of a bad situation and replace it with a better written script of how it will be handled and all efforts to make the situation disappear with time. My view of Public Relations was of such little knowledge that when entering my Advertising 220 class I was reopened to a new world of Public Relations ever imagined with more skills and abilities I didn’t know existed.

Now that my eyes have been opened to a new world of PR I am excited to see what information I learn next. I have learned that Public Relations includes research and analysis, communication, and programming! PR activity is deliberate and is designed to influence, inform and gain feedback. PR is planned and organized, solutions are discovered and logistics are thought out. The purpose of PR is mutually beneficial because it provides alignment of self interest with the public’s concerns and interests. My mind is just streaming with new concepts and details about PR that I didn’t know existed! I wont give too much away right now, but knowing more about public relations has made me realize that a world without color can be easily painted with what your passionate about.

From here I am planning on discovering what more there is to PR and what I can do with what I learn about PR. I want to know everything and anything. Reading articles assigned in class and class lectures will be my first steps to knowing more. Following and re-tweeting professionals can allow me insight to the PR world and becoming an avid blogger like many others out there will allow me to become known!



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