I Am Taking My Knowlege With Me

Ending this semester, I am pleased to say that I have completed yet another year of required courses at Grand Valley State University. I can feel myself getting closer to the day when I can finally put all of my hard work to use. First, I must graduate, and before I graduate I am determined to receive an internship that I am able to enter under the experience column, when the time comes to update the ‘ol resume. Now, with this internship I hope to apply all that I have learned in CAP 220 Fundamentals to PR. I can apply my knowledge to all that I have learned with coordinating a social media website, or even get involved in Crisis Management with a top PR firm. As of now, I cannot tell you where life as a PR/Ad major will take me, but I do know what I can apply this knowledge to get a good start.

I will say one thing that I never want the reader of this blog to forget, “If you want something done, do it yourself”. Through college I have learned that you and only you are determined to make a life for yourself. Going to college was the first step in making a life for myself and through college I have learned that nothing ever comes easy when you’re not willing to put in the equal effort. It is at college where I have both found and lost myself. Losing yourself I will say is never and will never be a bad thing, because when you do find yourself once again it is that much more exciting to see how far your limits can go and how far you can obtain what you’re determined to achieve. I lost myself at college, and when I found myself again I was neck deep in what is known as college credits. I took a chance by declaring my major, Advertising and Public Relations. It sounded interesting and so I took a leap forward, and in the process I landed in Fundamentals of PR. In all honesty, in the process of taking this course I was not so sure that I wanted to pursue this major because of the fact that it was much work and time. I told myself that the only way I was going to get anywhere in life, is with hard work. I returned to reality and told myself that I was going to do it; I was going to work hard and graduate with a hard earned degree in Advertising and Public Relations.

When I graduate I will remember this class not because of all of the time and stress it put me through but because of all of the information I obtained from it. Anyone can obtain information from a book but I learned much more than that. I learned the difference from Advertising and Public Relations, I learned real life hands on experience with a client, I learned how to further my research abilities, I learned that writing comes from within and not always from a source (although using sources increase your credibility, there is a time to use them). I learned that PR is much more than a favorable public image by a company or other organization. Public relations is creating relationships with the people you know and networking to build relationships with the people you don’t! So, present, I am taking my knowledge with me. I am taking my knowledge with me to the future where someday I can apply it to career as a professional in the PR/ Ad world.


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